Thank you, to these wonderful people

When setting up a retail website, there are SO MANY ingredients that are needed to make even a basic site. Some things we need help from external sources and, luckily, some resources are free to use.

On our site there are some truly wonderful images that have been created by some gifted photographers who can be found on sites such as Unsplash. The pictures we have used on our shop page and in other areas have been created by Mick Haupt, Ignat Kushanrev Clem Onojeghuo, CloudyPixel, Darren Bockman, Alphacolor, Craig Sybert, James Pond, Sandy Millar, Karen Vardazaryan, Rodolfo Marques and Johnny Wang, who all can be found on Unsplash. Also thanks to Suzy Hazelwood, Ivan Chacon from Pexels.

Please do check these folks out.

P.S Thanks to Jakob Owens on Unsplash for the image used in this post 🙂