Why don’t we offer FREE postage?

Have you ever been to the Post Office and asked to use their FREE Postal service? Of course not, it’s ridiculous to think that any parcel delivery company would offer a “FREE” service. So, how do businesses offer a Free delivery option? How are they able to offer packaging material, postage costs and wages in a free service?
Well, to be blunt, they don’t. Quite simply the cost of postage is added to each and every product that you buy. So if you order 1, 2, 3 or more items and they all arrive together, well you have just paid postage once, twice, three times or more. Two of the major online marketplaces actively charge their vendors for any postage charge they make to their buyers. That means if you were to buy an item of ours from one of those market places, that marketplace would take a percentage of that postal fee and we don’t think that is very fair. To avoid charging that immoral postal percentage fee, these marketplaces actively encourage their sellers to offer a “FREE” postage option so they can morally take a percentage. What this means is ultimately the end consumer is, once again, stung in the pocket for the extra costs and the retailer also suffers as we are all purchasing less items due to increasing prices.

What we offer is a fair postage price for the items you buy. We won’t add extra costs in our product prices and hide it behind “Free Shipping”. Your parcel will be treated with the upmost care and attention. If you purchase enough value items free postage will be offered, so the more you buy the more you save and we will give you free UK postage if you spend £100 or more. Don’t fall foul of the free postage scam