Tonka Toys - TONKA TOUGH!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016  |  Admin

Growing up in the 70's and 80's I fondly remember my Tonka Trucks. These were heavy metal beasts that, seemingly, could never be destroyed. And believe me I tried.

My Grandparents used to live in a Pub in Edwinstowe and I had my own Playroom there. The room was packed with Star Wars toys, plastic toy soldiers, cars, Action Man and the Mighty Tonka trucks. The playroom was in the living accommodation which was located up a steep set of stairs. These stairs led to the wooden back door and in to an area where the empty bottles were stored. These are the very stairs that were used in the many rigorous tests I undertook on the strength of the mighty Tonka Trucks and I must admit, I was very pleased with the results, I'm not sure my Grandparents shared my enthusiasm though, as another mass of steel thundered its way down the steps until it smashed in to that wooden door. Oh! but the joy on my tiny face as I went down to retrieve the fully intact undamaged TOY.

These things were amazing, I had to try out more testing...

Winters, as a child, always seemed to be cold and full of snow. I remember one year whilst walking the dogs with my Nan, I was walking on top of the blackberry bushes due to the amount of snow we'd had. And it was that year that Tonka had passed the harshest of winter tests. When all the snow melted and disappeared, there outside and raring to go where my Mighty Tonka Toys, completely unscathed by all that snow and ice. I'd left them out all through the winter, forgotten out in the freezing cold. Of course on finding them I, Obviously, had to test if there was any metal fatigue or stress fractures or any damage - So back to the stairs and after a few hours racing and bounding down the staircase the conclusion - all was perfect with the toys. Absolutely indestructible.

That back door took some hammer over the years. We had an odd job man who worked for my Grandad, Harold his name was, I think I kept him busy for a few years. Ha Ha.

There's a video below of an 1980's advert that Tonka did, I'm sure they got this idea from me!!!

At the time of writing this we only have one Tonka Truck in stock. We keep it up in the roof space. Every now and then I take a look up and think of those stairs and the fun I had with these Mighty Tonka Toys.