Wow! Has it really been a year?

Tuesday, 16 May 2017  |  Admin

I can't believe it's been that long since I last wrote something on our Blog. So I need to try and recap what's happened in the last year.

OK, so we went to Celebration Europe, the largest gathering for Star Wars fans. That was in London last year and since then there has been another Celebration which was held in Orlando earlier this year. Sadly I didn't get to go to that :(

Of course Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released in December - which was awesome.

We had the sad passing of Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and a day later her Mum Debbie Reynolds.

Celebration Orlando not only celebrated 40 years of Star Wars but also celebrated Carrie in such a way that I was crying from the start then when Billie Lourd came on stage in that dress and spoke of her Mom, wow - just WOW! it was such a fitting tribute to our Princess.

It was announced by Dave Filoni that the next season of Star Wars Rebels will be the last, it will closely tie in with Rogue One so I guess it makes sense to end it, but still can't help feeling a little sad.

Star Wars Battlefront II was announced, which looks awesome.

Now, I love Battlefront, I'm not very good at it and you'll usually find me on Bespin (PS4, djss123), but I love it and it looks like it's going to get better. Dice have listened to the fans/players and have a single player campaign. Great. Even better, you get to play as an Imperial Commander - Iden Versio of Inferno Squad. The story takes place after the destruction of the second Death Star and I would guess it will link to the rise of the First Order. Not only that but they are adding more depth to the multiplayer side, you can play across all eras of Star Wars, from Battledroids to First Order Stormtroopers. New heroes include Kylo Ren, Rey, Darth Maul & Yoda. The gameplay itself will be somewhat different as they introduce a class system - Infantry, Sniper, Officer & Heavy Gunner. Now I'm not sure what this means but I'm guessing it will replace star cards & pick ups for all and only certain classes can use certain items. For instance I guess Infantry can use Jump Pack & Thermal Detonator where as the sniper wouldn't. Does that make sense. Anyway I can't wait.

There's been tons more gone off in the world, I'm sure, just can't think - I'm so Star Wars blind at the minute.