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About Us

Welcome to DT Collectable Toys

Hi there folks, thank you for taking the time to visit our ‘About me’ page.

Who we are

My name is Dave (nickname Shakey) and along with my wife Tina & our 4 children we run DT Collectable Toys.

We are avid toy collectors and have been for….oh, wait a minute, sorry, I mean I’m an avid toy collector and Tina tolerates my obsession…. And I’ve been collecting toys for over 30 years.

My main passion in collecting has always been Star Wars memorabilia and I find it very difficult to sell anything Star Wars related as I tend to keep it all myself. I have cabinets, cases, boxes, shelves and any nook & cranny I can find for my hobby and I have it all from Vintage, neo-vintage right through to modern.

I also collect diecast Ferraris and I am considering starting a Solido/Norev/Polistil collection, as I find them quite fascinating. In my spare time my boys and I like to go watch football and when I relax I like to paint Warhammer figures (you now see how much tolerating my wife does)

Where are we from

We are ex licensees and we live right in the middle of England between Nottingham & Sheffield, we have been on eBay for over 10 years now, having previously had an eBay shop, we buy any vintage toys, but mainly vintage & modern diecast & of course Star Wars. We try to find unique toys by sourcing the uncommon items that collectors crave. We travel up and down the UK securing items for our collections.

Our main aim is your satisfaction.

We understand that it can be quite difficult to put your faith (and money) into an item that you cannot physically touch or put your trust in a seller you cannot see, but we do try very hard to describe all our items accurately, there isn’t a complicated key to decipher, of mint equals this and poor equals that, if an item is described as mint/good/poor we will tell you why we think it is.

We also, as a visual aid to our appraisal, provide pictures from all angles on the vast majority of our auctions and sales.

Of course that doesn’t mean we’re perfect and on the very rare occasion that we get something wrong we promise that you will receive, on return, a full refund if we have described an item incorrectly.

Postage & Packaging

We pride ourselves on delivering the goods exactly as you see them in the pictures. Each item is individually bubble wrapped and sent in boxes. And because we are environmentally friendly we do recycle any packaging we receive and re-use any boxes we take delivery of.

And Finally

We hope you have a pleasant experience with us and you find the items you are after, don’t forget to ask any questions you can think of, I will answer them all and as best I can.

Thank you all for browsing & shopping with us

All the best

Dave & Tina